At home Cracker and Katy were a coon-treeing team, varmint hunters, coyote chasers, occasional cow hunters and guardians.  At the NALC trials as a team they became Grand Champions in hog baying and treeing. Cracker was also a conformation champion and one of the top two dogs in the nation in the hog bay trial for three consecutive years. Katy was in the top ten in treeing and hog-bay in those three years as well as lead dog on a top ten cow dog team. They placed in the national trials and Cracker won the National High Point B-bay buckle in 2006.  In April 2010 we retired Quint Grand Champion of Champions Ingram's Cracker Boy and Tri Grand Champion of Champions Philwood's Katy.  The combination of their strengths and bloodlines has produced talented pups that will carry their foundation of soundness, drive, and good sense into the future.

In August 2002 we were fortunate to meet Lee Ingram and take home a pup from his ranch. That pup was Ingram’s Cracker Boy.
Soon after that we met Christine Brown of Travel-N-Blue Catahoulas and her young gyp Philwood’s Katy. So began a collaboration of people and dogs that resulted in us eventually buying Katy from Christine and becoming certified NALC breeders.
Cracker Boy and Katy are from old line working stock-- cattle and hog dogs that earned their keep in the woods and on the ranch.  Their pedigrees reflect a long tradition of breeding for soundness and performance and that has carried to them and through them to their offspring.