1 June 2002--5 January 2018
Bred by M.H. (Phil) Phillips, AR
​NALC Titles:
 Tri Grand Champion of Champions:
   Grand Ch of Tree Dog Champions
   HD-B Champion (hog)
​Working Catahoula Association :
   Working Trial B-bay Champion
Katy’s pedigree is all Wager, and true to that line she was a natural cowdog with a lot of circle and head. She was also a stand-up, sensible baydog and a treeing fool. Smart and just a little stubborn, she never gave up—even if it meant baying or chasing or digging all night long.

Katy passed her working drive and 
easy-going disposition to all her pups, 
as well as solid structural soundness—
her OFA hip score was Good, all her 
OFA-tested Cracker pups have passed OFA, most with Excellent or Good scores.  She was a terrific puppy
trainer, setting a steady example of good work and occasionally putting a  rowdy pup on it's back to settle it's focus... 
Katy with grand-daughter Rocky Point's Mask