21 May 2002 - 12 August 2015
 Bred by Lee Ingram, DeFuniak Springs, FL
 NALC Titles:
  Quint Grand Champion of Champions:
    Grand Champion of HD-B Champions (hog)
    Grand Champion of Tree Dog Champions
    Show Champion (conformation)
    National B-bay High Point Dog, 2006

Cracker was a smart all-round working dog, always responsive and willing to learn.  In addition to his skills with hogs and coons, he hunted small game and birds-- he quickly learned to track squirrels in the trees and retrieve them when shot, and made a useful if hard-mouthed retriever in the dove field, steady to shot and always marking where the birds went down.  He also blood-trailed wounded deer and hogs and helped move the neighbors' cattle with enthusiasm.  As a steadfast guardian of our homestead, he kept varmints off the crops and livestock and strangers on the far side of the gate though once introduced, our friends were his friends for life.
Cracker consistently threw sound pups with great drive and good sense-- hunters, herders, top notch trial and tracking dogs.  He never failed to give us everything we asked of him and more.