Rocky Point's Belladonna
Ingram's Cracker Boy x Moffitt's Isabella
Born 12 March 2014

Bella has jumped into our crew of varmint hunters with all four feet and is making her mark at the working Catahoula trials. She has an excellent nose and has become our go-to blood tracking dog.   Her intense focus is a good balance to Mask's fiery approach to work and her easy-going nature is a joy.
Bella was born in Lew Jones' Pea Patch Kennel in Kentucky, out of his Isabella-- a grand-daughter to Cracker Boy.  Issy's drive, good sense, and resilience made her the perfect choice for this cross.
Bella's Awards
Texas 2014            1st place 6-9 month old females
                              Best in Show Female
Mississippi 2014     1st place 6-9 month old females
Florida 2015           1st place 9-12 month old females
                              Reserve Best in Show Female
                              2nd place 1-dog B-bay
                              1st place 2-dog B-bay with brother Sleek Deke
                              Reserve high point female
Louisiana 2015       3rd place 1 yr, no litter
                              1st place 2-dog B-bay with Rocky Point's Mask
Texas 2015            2nd place 1 yr, no litter
                              4th place 2-dog treeing with Rocky Point's Mask
Florida 2016          3rd place 1 yr, no litter
                              3rd place 2-dog B-bay with Rocky Point's Mask
                              Finished 7th in Top Ten B-bay Standings 2015-2016
LA 2016                4th place Nationals B-bay
                             4th place 1 yr, no litter
                             4th place 2-dog B-bay with Pea Patch' Sleek Deke
TX 2016                4th place Hip Certified females
LA 2017                4th place Hip Certified females
MS 2017               2nd place Hip Certified females
FL 2018                1st place Hip Certified females (major class)
                             NALC Show Champion 
LA 2018                Grand Champion of Show Champions
Louisiana 2014       1st place 3-9 month females
                              Best Puppy in Show
                              1st place Old & Young A-bay with Mask
                              4th place 1-dog A-bay, level 1
                              3rd place blood trailing, level 1
                              1st place Old & Young B-bay with Mask
                              2nd place 2-dog B-bay, level 2 with Mask
                              2nd place puppy cowdog trial
                              2nd place 2-dog cow trial, level 1 with Mask
                              3rd place Old & Young treeing with Katy
                              3rd place 2-dog treeing with Mask
                              High Point Puppy
Bella's hips are certified OFA Good
In January 2017 Bella gave us a rowdy litter of 10 sired by Rocky Point's Baymax.  Click here to see what they're up to...
In 2019, based on the success of their first litter, we bred Baymax and Bella again.  Click here to see how they're coming along.
April 9, 2021   UBT Level 1 Certification
FBTN tracking team member for north central Florida