Rocky Point's Micco x White Rock's Ziva

In the Fall of 2018, Kerri Szegi of Stargazer Catahoulas in Ocala Florida invited us to breed our Micco to her fine foundation bitch White Rock's Ziva.  We accepted with pleasure and on Christmas Day 2018 Ziva whelped 13 beautiful pups.  Below are a few photos of some of the pups as they have grown through their first year and are starting to work.  We will add more as they progress...
Stargazer's Bocephus "Bo" is starting to hunt the Florida woods.
Stargazer's Luna
Stargazer's Cash on his first ride-along hunt
Stargazer's Gypsy Wind
Stargazer's Mack
Stargazer's Miss Bonnie

Stargazer's Phoenix
Stargazer's Grady
Many thanks to the owners for permission to use their photos and to Stargazer Catahoulas for the opportunity to keep up with this fine bunch of youngsters.
Stargazer's Annabelle
Search and Rescue